The Baptismal Covenant between God and us is a gift of God's grace and love and an act of adoption into the body of Christ wherein we promise our faith and love to God. The baptized form the community of faith called the Church. We are baptized into the temporal and spiritual reality of the Christian Church and not into denominations.

We conduct our baptisms in the setting of public celebration. Private baptisms are separate from where the people of God gather to celebrate and pray and therefore do not connect the person being baptized with the church.

We predominately baptize infants by the method called "sprinkling." However, children, youth, young adults and adults are acceptable candidates for baptism and the methods of "pouring" and "immersion" are practiced by United Methodists, though more rarely. The Sacrament of Baptism looks back with gratitude to the Baptism of Jesus and the beginning of his ministry, which included and incorporated all who were willing to follow him. Our baptism connects us to all that Christ has done, and what God has done, in and thorough God's people, as well as to all that God is doing in the world now. Our baptism also calls us into a growing and maturing relationship with God, which invites us to a deep commitment of life in faith and practice.

Those desiring baptism for themselves or their children should contact our Minister of Discipleship, Bob Keiderling, and make the necessary arrangements. At Wesley Church, we usually hold Baptism Sundays on the second Sundays of each month. Baptisms can be held during either the 9:00 a.m. or the 11:00 a.m. worship service. A Baptism Conference is scheduled before the baptism to discuss the theology and practice of baptism. Adult candidates, parents and sponsors are expected to attend.