Sunday Mornings

Sunday - the Sabbath -- begins our week with worship and learning. It is the time when we come to be fed, to worship, to learn how to follow Jesus and then to go out to serve as a People Blessing People.

9:00 am Contemporary Service

Our Ensemble of keyboard, guitar, flute, voice and drums brings music that is tied to the Biblical text of the sermon. The words of the songs are projected so the congregation can know the message of the music and can sing together. The careful choice of music with Pastor Tom Fries' sermon theme helps bring us to the feet of Jesus and to experience the Risen Christ. The Kinderchor, our children’s voice choir, or the Klangchor, one of our bell choirs also often bring music to this service.

Holy Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month.

11:00 Classic Celebration Service

At 11 am each Sunday, glorious classical music, friendly people, and familiar hymns encourage Wesley members and guests to glorify God in a traditional worship service.

Our classic service features many elements of traditional liturgy and scripture readings, all of which frame Pastor Tom Fries’ compelling messages. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.

Our congregation is called to worship by the Prelude — perhaps Bach or Mendelssohn or Brahms — with Allan Birney at the grand piano. We sing hymns to the sound of Allan at the pipe organ. The design of the 1680 pipes above the organ console reminds us of the wings of an angel hovering in our midst. The Chancel Choir, our bell choirs — the Celebration Ringers and the Klangchor — and our Kinderchor children’s choir also bring us music, as well as soloists and visiting musicians.

Allan Birney, our Director of Music and Organist, is the founder of both the Pennsylvania Sinfonia and Camerata Singers. He brings concerts and recitals to our sanctuary several times a year in our Music @ Wesley Series.

Join us as we worship God in beautiful song, thought-provoking readings, and insightful sermons.