Church Disciples

Learning to be a disciple of Jesus Christ never ends. Our very young children first experience the nurturing love of a church community in our child care rooms. Children and youth begin to learn about Jesus in Sunday School and continue in Vacation Bible School, Youth Mission Camp Week and Youth Group.

As adults we are very intentional about seeking spiritual growth. Growth can happen when we are open to learn what Jesus Christ revealed about His Father and how we ought to treat one another. Sometimes this happens in a Bible study session; sometimes what we hear in a sermon opens up new understandings about God. What's important is that, as adults, we keep looking for new places to learn more.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ can take many forms: welcoming stranger and friend; creating God-encountering experiences in our worship services; accepting God's call to mission and service even when we are apprehensive about where it may lead us; giving extravagantly of our resources, energies and time.

Discipleship happens on both sides of a church's front doors.