Board of Trustees

Purpose:  The Board of Trustees shall have the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the church and of all property and equipment acquired by the local church or by any organization connected therewith.

Kraig Hume (2014-2019)

Lisa Jacobsen (2017-2019)

Doug Jantzi (2017-2019)

Mike Matacavage (2014-2019)

Deb Silliman (2014-2019)

Sandy Evans (2015-2017)

Jeff Rose (2015-2017)

Rich Chambers (2016-2018)

Kim Krupka (2016-2018)

Executive Team 

*This team is currently on hiatus for 2017.

Purpose:  To assist the Pastor in implementing decisions made at Leadership Gatherings, Church Council meetings, or other administrative committee meetings.

Andy Krpata (Pastor)

Tom Koch (Lay Leader)

Joe Kempfer (Chairperson)

Ardis Chapman (SPRC)

Rich Chambers (Board of Trustees)

Mike Matacavage (Board of Trustees)

Jim Hunter (Finance Committee)

Peter Marmaras (Finance Committee)

Rebecca Hess (Generosity Team)

Finance Team

Purpose:  The committee on Finance shall give stewardship of financial resources as their priority throughout the year.  It may delegate the responsibility to implement ways to generate more resources to mission and ministries of the local church and beyond and find creative ways to generate an attitude of generosity.

Jim Hunter (Chairperson)

Peter Marmaras (Chairperson)

Andy Krpata (Pastor)

Sharon Schultz (Financial Secretary)

Wayne Muffley (Member at Large)

Joe Kempfer (SPRC)

Tom Koch (Lay Leader)

Rich Chambers (Trustees)

Rebecca Hess (Generosity Team Co-Chair)

Aaron Hook (Member at Large)

Mike Matacavage (Generosity Team Co-Chair)

Bob Sopko (Member at Large)

Nominations and Leadership Development 

Purpose:  To identify, develop, deploy, evaluate and monitor Christian spiritual leadership for the local congregation.  Members of the committee shall engage in and be attentive to developing and enhancing their own Christian spiritual life in light of the mission of the Church.

Carolyn Miller (2014-2017)

Christy Hume (2014-2017)

Michelle Koch (2015-2017)

Lenore Mohr (2015-2018)

Brian Graybeal (2016-2018)

Chris Jacobsen (2016-2018)

Heather Herman (2017-2019)

Jane Kempfer (2017-2019)

SPRC (Staff Parish Relations Committee)

Purpose:  To encourage, strengthen, nurture, support and respect the pastor(s) and staff and their family(s), to promote unity in the church, and to confer with and counsel  the pastor(s) and staff on the matters pertaining to the effectiveness of ministry; relationships with the congregation; the pastor's health and self-care, conditions that may impede the effectiveness of ministry; and to interpret the nature and function of the ministry.

Meg Ksensakovic (2015-2017)

Beverly Marriner (2015-2017)

Joe Kempfer (2016-2017)

Sharon Schultz (2016-2017)

Dave Siegfried (2017-2019)

Liz Lewis (2017-2019)

Walter Migliori (2017-2019)

Michael Krom (2017-2019)

Jamie Walters (2017-2019)

Church Council

Purpose:  Provides for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church.  The church council is directed by the charge conference.

Christian Lockhart (Chairperson)

Pastor Andrew Krpata (Administrative Officer)

Tom Koch (Lay Leader)

Joe Kempfer (Chair Person SPRC)

Jim Hunter and Peter Marmaras (Co-Chairs Finance)

Richard Chambers (Chair Person Trustees)

(Open - Treasurer TBD)

Carolyn Miller, CLM (Lay Member to Annual Conference)

Christine Foster (Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference)

Elena Hume (Youth Representative)

Melissa Day (Young Adult Representative)

Kasey Renowden (Church Council Recording Secretary)

Matt Dietz (Member at Large)

Jason Walters (Chairperson of Social Justice)

Sue Kiefner (Chairperson of Outreach and Missions)

Tracy Leszcynski (WCOF)

Sharon Schultz (Financial Secretary)

Paid Program staff attend when asked/available